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Closure Order For Guildford Property To Prevent Anti-social Behaviour

Published on: 31 Jul, 2015
Updated on: 3 Aug, 2015

Slyfield Green copyA Guildford property has been boarded up to prevent it been used for illegal and anti-social behaviour.

27 Slyfield Court in Slyfield Green is now subject of a Closure Order which has been made after numerous reports that the property is associated with serious nuisance including criminal and disorderly behaviour.

The order was granted after evidence was heard at East Surrey Magistrates Court in Redhill on Tuesday, July 28, which demonstrated the property to be connected with significant ongoing disorderly, offensive and drug related criminal activities.

Concerns had been raised by local residents and magistrates upheld their right to enjoy peace and tranquillity in their homes and gardens. Magistrates heard their lives had been made a misery by the significant anti-social behaviour including the use of abusive behaviour, disruption, noise and associated drug related nuisance.

The premise will be boarded up as a result of the notification with notices informing the public it is closed to protect the neighbourhood from future acts of anti-social behaviour.

The order was granted with immediate effect under Section 80 of the ASB [Anti Social Behaviour] Crime and Policing Act 2014 and the property will be sealed for a three month period providing respite for the community until October 28 2015.

Anyone seen entering the property will be arrested and is liable to receive a fine or face a custodial sentence for breaching the order.

Surrey police badge 2aSurrey Police Anti-social Behaviour Specialist for Guildford Lucy Lumsden said: “The purpose of the order is not only to help the local community affected by the persistent anti-social behaviour but to send out the message that such activities will not be tolerated by Surrey Police who are committed to keeping Surrey a pleasant place in which to live and work.”

In 2013 a 92-year-old man, Frederyk Kucharski, a World War 2 veteran, died following a suspicious house fire in Slyfield Green. A man and woman were arrested as part of a murder enquiry but they were later released and no further action was taken against them.

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Responses to Closure Order For Guildford Property To Prevent Anti-social Behaviour

  1. Zoe Franklin Reply

    August 3, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    Please can I ask why the final paragraph regarding the fatal fire was added? It has no direct link to the story being reported?

    The suspicious and sad death of Frederyk Kucharski is part of the recent history of this area of Guildford and, in my view, relevant as background to a story reporting criminal behaviour in the same area. Ed

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