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Council Go-ahead for Next Step Towards A Local Plan

Published on: 18 Sep, 2013
Updated on: 18 Sep, 2013

Local Plan Consultation logoGuildford Borough Council has taken an important decision in preparation for the much anticipated Local Plan.

Councillors approved last night (September 17) the Local Plan Strategy and Sites Issues and Options document which outlines a series of key issues that the Local Plan should cover, and the possible options available to address them.

With the final stage of Council approval complete, a wide-ranging public consultation on the issues and options for the future of the borough will now run between October 1 and November 29.

Cllr Monika Juneja, Lead Councillor for Planning and Governance, said: “I’m thrilled that the Council approved this document. It marks a crucial next step in developing a new Local Plan for our borough.

“Next month’s consultation will involve some of the most important decisions in our borough’s history, and we need the help of the whole community to get these decisions right.

“We are committed to inclusive engagement and want local people from across the whole borough to get involved. There will be many ways and opportunities to give feedback, including drop-in sessions in Ash, Ripley, East Horsley and Shalford as well as locations nearer the town.

Cllr Monika Juneja

Cllr Monika Juneja

“We also hope that people will be able to visit us in the town centre at 25 Swan Lane to join in and tell us what they think. I urge everyone to look out for details of the most convenient event for them.

“Together we can plan for the future, secure jobs and ensure sustainable growth. We have to understand the priority issues we face as a community and plan effectively for the next generation.”

The information contained in the Issues and Options document, together with public feedback and other pieces of evidence, will help the Council to form the policies, proposals and site allocations in the new Local Plan.

GBC has made more information and a full list of public events available online at

To view the latest supporting evidence base information, please go to

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