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County Council Approves Next Stage of Infrastructure Programme

Published on: 7 Apr, 2024
Updated on: 9 Apr, 2024

By Martin Giles

A cycling and walking route between Guildford and Godalming, measures to slow traffic and enhance the public areas in Compton and a new road layout in Kings Road, Shalford, together costing nearly £7 million, are all part of an agreed further phase of the Surrey Infrastructure
Plan (SIP) initiated by Surrey County Council in 2021.

A county council meeting in March approved the implementation of the Phase 5 projects, and the implementation of the Surrey Flood Alleviation Programme 2024 to 2026 “within the approved budget envelope, subject to the final business case for each scheme being approved by the Capital Programme Panel”.

SCC Infrastructure Programme Phase 5 projects. This table excludes the Surrey Flood Alleviation Programme.

Cllr Natalie Bramhall

Surrey County Council’s cabinet member for property, waste and infrastructure, Natalie Bramhall (Con, Redhill West & Meadvale), told the BBC: “This is about the council investing in Surrey – to improve the lives of our residents now and in the future.”

The scheme will, she said: “deliver significant, tangible improvements for our communities including those who have experienced the devastating impacts of flooding and our residents in Surrey villages where road safety is a concern.”

See also: Public Information Event on the Flood Alleviation Scheme – April 18

Cycling and walking route between Guildford and Godalming

The county council has been developing proposals for a 7km long cycling and walking corridor between Guildford and Godalming. During 2021, a non-statutory public consultation exercise was conducted which received over 1,000 responses of which 66 per cent of respondents either supported or strongly supported the proposals recognising that the proposals would provide a more continuous, attractive, and safer route for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Since 2021, SCC has developed the first phase of the scheme concentrating on the southern half of the route between Godalming and Peasmarsh.

The Street, Compton, Highway & Public Realm Improvements

It is intended that the project will introduce traffic calming measures to improve road safety and enhance public realm in Compton, creating a high-quality environment which is attractive and safe for all road users.

The project seeks to introduce raised tables in suitable locations along The Street to address known speeding issues. Gateways into the village will also further help reduce vehicle speeds. These will be co-designed with community groups, residents and the Parish Council to ensure they reflect and celebrate local heritage.

The project will include new planting areas and seating. Pedestrian and cycle improvements are also being considered along Down Lane, encouraging access to Watts Gallery and Chapel. The bus stop area outside the Watts Gallery will be upgraded to further encourage active travel and create a safe
waiting area for pedestrians.

Initial stakeholder engagement has taken place with the Parish Council and other key local stakeholders such as Watts Gallery. A wider community engagement event was planned to take place in March.

Kings Road, Shalford Improvements

The project aims to address the existing hostile environment for pedestrians Kings Road  where parts of the layout are being used as a diversion to avoid queuing traffic at the Horsham Road roundabout by re-aligning the existing road layout, changing the priority of traffic, and widening the footways along this road.

Improved pedestrian permeability and widened footways will, it is hoped, provide an opportunity for businesses to have more tables and chairs outside their premises. Additional seating and dense planting will also be provided, enhancing the biodiversity and enjoyment of the space whilst creating a buffer from the traffic. Existing parking spaces will be re-allocated. More cycle parking will also be introduced to cater for the growing demand from cyclists.

Initial discussions with local businesses have shown that they are keen to see improvements made to the area. A wider public engagement is planned to take place in early April.

Other linked projects for Guildford Borough itemised in the report are:

See full SCC report here.

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