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Covid Infection Levels Highest Yet

Published on: 28 Dec, 2021
Updated on: 3 Jan, 2022

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The steep rise of Covid infections continues both in Guildford and Surrey. Guildford saw a 28% rise from 1,540 to 2,142 but in Surrey the new record total of 18,570, reported yesterday, represents a 50% jump from the previous record-breaking week.

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Within Guildford borough the highest reported infection rates are currently in or near the town centre.

The government’s Covid infection map has had to introduce a new category of over 1600 infections per 100,000 of population to cope.

Map showing infection rates in the Guildford area for seven days to December 22. Source Gov.UK

But despite the highest numbers of confirmed infections seen since the pandemic started two years ago hospital admissions in the South East are, once again slightly down. In Surrey they are stable. Figures for Covid associated deaths are also stable and at a low level.

But given the magnitude of infection and the lag time between infection and hospital admissions and deaths, those managing health services will not be able to relax yet. In fact, the strain on staff, already struggling with the normal winter peak and staff shortages partly from those themselves infected and needing to isolate, is known to be taking its toll.

No sign of an Omicron related peak in hospital admission in Surrey – yet.

Whether the Christmas holiday will have had any impact on the infection rate remains to be seen but the government’s decision not to bring in further restrictions in England before New Year’s Eve, at odds with other parts of the UK, shows optimism.

The Artington Vaccination Centre on Boxing Day afternoon appeared closed but it has played a major part in delivering half a million booster jabs in the local NHS area.

In the meantime, the vaccination programme continues apace. The Artington Vaccination Centre appeared closed over Christmas but over 500,000 booster jabs have now been administered in the Surrey Heartlands NHS area, a remarkable achievement of organisation.

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Responses to Covid Infection Levels Highest Yet

  1. Sara Tokunaga Reply

    December 29, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    It would be interesting to know the age range of the Onslow and University figures. I would have thought many more students got tested before going home, which could account for this area now topping the Covid league in Guildford.

    • S Callanan Reply

      December 30, 2021 at 12:29 pm

      Topping the Guildford infection league might also have something to do with Onslow Village and University having a disturbingly low vaccination rate.

      As at December 30, I see the following figures reported (source: for the first dose 70.9 per cent compared with 83.6 per cent for Guildford as a whole, with the comparative figures for second and booster/third doses being 63.5 and 77.3 per cent and 38.7 and 56.5 per cent respectively.

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