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Covid Infections and Vaccinations at Record Levels

Published on: 23 Dec, 2021
Updated on: 27 Dec, 2021

SCC summary report December 22, 2021 for week ending December 19.

By Martin Giles

Covid infections in Guildford are higher than the rates in Surrey, as a whole, the South East region and England. The number of new confirmed Covid cases in Guildford and Surrey have reached new peaks but over 55 per cent of over 18s have now been given a booster jab and hospital admissions across the South East have decreased slightly.

This potentially good news reflects national news that, so far, the Omicron variant seems to be milder than earlier versions of Covid-19. The cautious findings are careful to add that the sample was limited and did not include a representational percentage of older patients.

Extract of SCC summary report.

The latest hospital Covid related admission figures for Surrey hospitals did show a marked increase and, unusually, the Royal Surrey had more admissions per bed than other Surrey hospitals. But a more up to date figure for the whole of the South East region showed a decrease of 91 for the week ending December 12.

See: Local Covid-19 Stats

Covid associated deaths have also remained stable despite increased infection rates over recent months. It will take several more weeks to know the true impact of the latest Omicron wave on hospital case levels and deaths.

Map showing percentage of Surrey’s 18+ population by borough/district who have received a booster jab.

Artington Vaccination Centre

Guildford’s Covid Vaccination centre at Artington is said to be doing more than its bit to deliver the required booster jabs in record numbers.

On December 13, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all adults wanting boosters should be given them by the end of the month. Organising staff at the Artington centre situated within the Park & Ride site are said to have pulled in help and assistance from across the local community to meet the challenge and increase the throughput, several-fold.

The Artington Vaccination Centre on Tuesday, December 22). There was a steady trickle of attendees but no need for anyone to wait outside.

There are now two large Portacabins on-site and snake barriers to cater for long queues, should they be required.

The number of jabs given in the centre is said, by one volunteer at the site, to have exceeded all the centre’s previous records.

Council Leader Joss Bigmore said: “The local vaccination programme has been a major success and many local organisations have stepped up including: G Live (originally), the Loseley Estate, bus operators and, of course, the NHS staff and volunteers. The organisation at the centre is simply phenomenal.

“I would just encourage anyone who has not yet been jabbed to get down there and help protect us all from this virus that is causing so much anguish and disruption.”

“Volunteers continue to support staff at the Guildford vaccination centre with even more applying during the past week to give their time freely,” said a spokesperson for Voluntary Action South West Surrey (VASWS).

The vaccination centre’s recruiting for volunteers is through the charity VASWS’s website. Roles can be inside or outdoors. To volunteer click here and chose when you would like to help out.

The Covid vaccination programme for Guildford and Waverley, originally based at G Live, started in December 2020 and was initially expected to primarily cover the 275,000 residents in the boroughs of Guildford and Waverley.

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