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‘Crack House’ Closure Order Served to ‘Send Out a Message’

Published on: 18 Nov, 2013
Updated on: 18 Nov, 2013

Closure notices stuck to the front door of 75 Clover Road

A closure notice was served today (Monday, November 18) on 75 Clover Road in the Park Barn area of Guildford following evidence the address was associated with significant disorder and serious nuisance to the public.

Surrey Police and Guildford Borough Council (GBC) worked together to serve the notice at the property under Section 1a of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. The notice asks that anyone, other than the tenant, seen entering the premises be reported to the police by calling 999.

This evening a neighbouring resident said: “We are glad to see the back of the crack house. She [the previous resident of 75 Clover Road] was selling ‘miaow-miaow’ [also known as mephedrone, a type of amphetamine banned in the UK in 2010] from the place. The punters who were coming to the house were smashing the windows of cars parked here.”

75 Clover Road this evening (November 18)

75 Clover Road this evening (November 18)

The closure notice prevents anyone, other than those habitually living at the address or the owner, GBC, from entering the premises until magistrates consider an application, which will be made by Surrey Police and Guildford Borough Council for closure.

The Park Barn and Westborough Safer Neighbourhood Teams together with Guildford Borough Council Community Wardens will be conducting reassurance house to house visits and continue to patrol the area over the following days and encourage residents to report any further incidents.

Neighbourhood Inspector Lynette Shanks said: “Local residents have suffered serious nuisance from the unacceptable behaviour associated with this property and I hope the community will benefit from the closure notice served on the address. Residents reported drug and anti-social behaviour at the address over the past six months which has led to disruption and distress for them, with constant noise, threatening behaviour and criminal damage making their lives a misery.

“The purpose of the notice is not only to help the community affected by the persistent behaviour but to offer support to those involved and help them permanently change their behaviour.

“I hope this order will send out the message drug misuse and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated by Surrey Police and we will seek powers such as using the Hearsay Act which was used by residents to give evidence anonymously to bring any offenders to justice.”

The case is due to be put before South West Surrey Magistrates Court in Guildford on Wednesday (November 20) when magistrates will consider evidence that the address is associated with high levels of anti-social behaviour.

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Responses to ‘Crack House’ Closure Order Served to ‘Send Out a Message’

  1. Julia McShane Reply

    November 18, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    As in all communities there are a minority of people whose anti-social behaviour has a detrimental effect on neighbouring residents.

    I regularly attend Police Panel Meetings in Park Barn and Westborough and am encouraged by the number of residents who are attending these meetings to report such behaviour and provide information that enables the police and Borough Council to act decisively to get it stopped.

    I welcome the action taken by the police and the council and applaud the many residents in Park Barn who are not prepared to tolerate such anti-social behaviour in their community.

    Julia McShane is the Lib Dem Ward Councillor for Westborough

  2. Fiona White Reply

    November 19, 2013 at 7:52 am

    I echo Julia’s comments. It is clear that poor behaviour will not be tolerated.

    One thing I would like to stress is that if people feel they cannot go and give evidence in court themselves, there may be a way for a third party to put that evidence for them. Please don’t ever hold back from reporting bad behaviour. The more it is reported the quicker it can be dealt with.

    Fiona White is the Lib Dem County Councillor for Guildford West

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