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Dan James’ Photo Album February 2014

Published on: 4 Feb, 2014
Updated on: 4 Feb, 2014

Dan James is a photographer, graphic and web designer from Guildford. He takes stunning landscape and natural history photos and films. Here is his latest selection of photos, some taken using a camera on his remote-controlled flying drone over St Martha’s Hill and church.

1This was taken around 70m up facing towards Chilworth. You wouldn’t know that by looking at the photo. You could be thousands of meters up!

2This shows the church peeping through the clouds with Guildford in the background.

3Looking down on one of the paths up the hill to the church layered in fog, with Leith Hill in the distance.

4A panorama of the beautiful morning from ground level. 

Check out Dan’s own website.

And also the Facebook site Beautiful Surrey Photography.

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