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Dan James’ Photo Album: September 2013

Published on: 9 Sep, 2013
Updated on: 9 Sep, 2013

Dan James is a photographer, graphic and web designer from Guildford. He takes stunning landscape and natural history photos and films. Here is a selection of photos for September.

Image 1Sunset at the Chantries. Well worth an explore during sunrise/sunset.

Image 2August was a great month for stargazers all around with the world with two fantastic meteor showers. This was the Delta Aquarids viewed from Newlands Corner.

Image 3Again up at Newlands Corner, some people set off a few lanterns in the early hours of the morning.

Image 4Another night out under the clear skies, this time we were on Whitmoor Common watching the more well known meteor shower, the Perseids, keeping warm by the fire!

Image 5This is my shot from the Perseids shower.

Dan has  set up a Facebook page called Beautiful Surrey Photography.  Dan says: “It’s all about showcasing beautiful images taking by local photographers of all skill levels.It reached over 600 likes in two weeks which was fantastic.”

Do check it out, there are some fabulous photos on it.

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