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Dicing Time Again In Which The Loser Actually Wins

Published on: 29 May, 2022
Updated on: 2 Jun, 2022

By Ruth Brothwell

Guildford borough councillor and trustee of the Guildford Poyle Charities

Dicing for the Maid’s Money, an annual historical ceremony, has been held again at Guildford’s Guildhall.

The trustees of the Guildford Poyle Charities met to witness the ceremony in the presence of the Mayor of Guildford, Dennis Booth, and his wife Mary, the mayoress.

This year’s Dicing for the Maid’s Money ceremony.

The ceremony dates from a 1674 legacy. History tells us that John How, a citizen of Guildford left £400 in his will with instructions that two maidservants should compete by throwing dice for the interest of £11 9s.

But in 1702 John Parsons, another benefactor, left £600 to be invested with the interest given each year to “a poor young man” who had served a seven-year apprenticeship in the town.

Eventually, it was decided that the interest on John Parsons’ bequest should go to the runner-up in the Maid’s Money contest. As the amount is a few pence greater, the loser gains more!

This year, Susi Morton and Laurette Parsons threw their dice and the loser won the sum of £62.50 with the winner taking £60 home.

Following the ceremony, the Guildford Poyle Charities held its annual meeting at which time chairman Christopher Dean retired.

The incoming chairman, Gordon Reid, warmly thanked Chris for his service to the development of the charity over the past 12 years.

Guildford Poyle Charities does great work in Guildford. Individuals and organisations in the geographic area covered by the charity can apply for grants to help meet their needs.

Many people benefit from grants enabling them to buy an essential item such as a fridge or a washing machine.

Charitable organisations, including schools which receive funding to assist pupils to participate in school trips and buy items of uniform, can also apply for funding for projects.

Examples of these will follow in a future story on The Guildford Dragon NEWS. However, if anyone has a particular need at this time of very high cost of living, then take a look at the Guildford Poyle Charities’ website, to check if you are in the area of benefit and complete an application form.

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