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If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Published on: 4 Jan, 2014
Updated on: 4 Jan, 2014

Emma RobertsBy Emma Roberts

Often I speak to people who tell me about their disappointing experiences in a hotel, restaurant, spa, etc and I ask them ‘Did you tell them?’ In most cases the answer is no. One of the key ways businesses can improve their service is through honest feedback from customers.

I recently visited a hotel and I felt that there was several areas that needed improving. I therefore wrote a long email to the manager of the hotel pointing out both the positives and the negatives, which sadly out weighed the former.

The manager emailed me to tell me that she had taken my email into the weekly hotel group meeting and addressed all the points. She then, in turn addressed each point directly with the relevant member of staff and all the stated areas are now being improved. She thanked me for outlining all these points and said that without this kind of valuable customer feedback they cannot strive to better their service.


Should customers choose to voice their opinion on social media, outlining negatives, etc then businesses must be quick to act. Deletion of negatives comments is a bad reflection on your business. Addressing complaints openly is the best way deal with your customers. Apologise for their bad experience and ask them to directly message you so you can address their issues properly.

Emma Roberts is Head of Big Voice Management

With a diverse career spanning over two decades, encompassing PR, marketing, journalism, talent management and music and film production, Emma has a deep and natural understanding of PR, marketing and communications.

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