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Dragon Interview: Councillor Describes Impact of ‘Battle for Guildford’ Video

Published on: 31 Mar, 2023
Updated on: 4 Apr, 2023

Robin Horsley’s “Battle for Guildford” campaign video

The campaign video “Battle for Guildford” made and distributed by Robin Horsley has definitely caused waves within the local political scene.

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In the video, reported to have been viewed 25,000 times, Horsley urges voters not to support the Residents for Guildford and Villages Party because of its support for the Debenhams and North Street planning applications.

In this interview with R4GV councillor Maddy Redpath (Holy Trinity), who leads on social media communication within her party, Dragon editor Martin Giles asks her about the impact of the video on her party colleagues and their perceived election chances.

Please watch…

How much can candidates spend on their campaign?

In the interview, the subject of campaign spending limits is raised but not defined.

According to published guidance by the Electoral Commission the spending limit in the 2023 local government elections for each candidate for the period after they officially become a candidate until polling day on May 4 is £806, plus 7p per registered elector in the ward in which they are standing.

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Responses to Dragon Interview: Councillor Describes Impact of ‘Battle for Guildford’ Video

  1. David Roberts Reply

    April 6, 2023 at 2:49 pm

    Another terrific interview; thank you, editor.

  2. Peter Mills Reply

    April 6, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    Wasted interview. Why was this councillor not asked to counter each point made on the video? At one point they were asked to explain what was meant by “changing the narrative” and received a vague answer that really should have been pushed further, given what that phrase actually means.

    • Maddy Redpath Reply

      April 7, 2023 at 6:42 am

      My intention in the interview was to describe the impact, not the content of the “Battle for Guildford” video.

      By “change the narrative” I simply mean that R4GV entered this election somewhat unknown, only those in touch with local politics had heard of us. Now, Mr Horsley has done us a service of getting our brand out widely – although in a negative way.

      Now when I go door-knocking, I don’t have to do the long speech about who R4GV are, they already know. All I have to do is correct the many mistruths in the video. Several people I speak to actually already knew the benefits of the North Street scheme but thought it was the Lib Dem’s proposal and have now changed their vote to us. All publicity is good publicity I hear.

      I’m sorry that Mr Mills felt the interview was “wasted”, I’d be happy to do it again. R4GV have responded formally to the video here if he is interested:

      Maddy Redpath is a R4GV candidate for Castle ward in the forthcoming borough council election

      • Bibhas Neogi Reply

        April 7, 2023 at 9:54 pm

        Cllr Mandy Redpath has cited a link in her comments that in turn refers to the statement which is: “Cllr Rigg Correcting the record on North Street”.

        Cllr Rigg maintains there are no traffic issues due to the proposed changes that the traffic experts have flagged up. So is Surrey Highways, the highway authority for the county council, objecting for no real reason? What would be their motivation?

        It is almost unbelievable that the traffic experts did not find any issues. I would recommend that they drive through the area on several days during peak periods.

        My personal experience of many years of driving through Woodbridge Road towards York Road roundabout is that this is the worst congestion in Guildford which happens on a regular basis, almost every afternoon peak period. Buses coming through Leapale Road as proposed could get stuck in the queue for much longer than 21 seconds.

        I wonder whether Cllr Redpath has read my correspondence of December 28 2022 on the Planning Portal 1336. This concerned the proposed entry and exit routes of the bus station on Woodbridge Road and the size of the bus station.

        It also recognised a reduced number of bus bays, lack of access as required by the Disability Discrimination Act and possible delays for buses from the south and the west being re-routed via Onslow Street and York Road roundabout. Bus operators have also objected to the redesigned bus station as described in:

        In my comments here on the Dragon:, in addition to the bus station issues, I had also raised the issue of somewhat inadequate access to some of the blocks that would be required by the emergency services.

        My correspondence included suggestions for keeping Leapale Road one-way as at present and diverting traffic from North Street via Chertsey Street also made one-way to York Road. By maintaining Leapale Road one-way, since no traffic would exit across Onslow Street, it would be possible to provide a right turn for buses from Onslow Street northbound lane into Woodbridge Road.

        Freed-up spaces could then accommodate cycle lanes on these roads and a cycle lane access to the bus station could be created. Also, a cycle lane could be created on Onslow Street southbound lane since the bus lane would, strictly, no longer be necessary and two narrow lanes could become standard width lanes.

        The cycle lane could lead straight into the town centre and its bifurcation turning right at the pedestrian crossing and then towards the railway station via Bedford Road. All cycle lanes would cater for mobility scooters. This is a much better arrangement than what is proposed by the developer.

        Despite all the unresolved issues mentioned above, it seems that Cllr Rigg and R4GV wanted the planning application to be accepted by GBC. If it had, it would have by gone to the SoS for appraisal, and the developer may yet appeal.

        I think the current situation fortuitously has given the developer a choice whether to appeal, review and re-submit or walk away.

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