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Dragon Interview: GBC Backbencher James Walsh

Published on: 17 Dec, 2021
Updated on: 20 Dec, 2021

Cllr James Walsh

Cllr James Walsh (Stoke) is one of only two Labour councillors at Millmead that keep the red flag flying at the borough council. His interview completes the series of conversations with a selection of backbench interviews from across the complete spectrum of parties at GBC.

In the interview, you can learn why he decided to join the Labour party and get involved in local politics, first in Slough and then in Guildford.

Hear what are the kind of cases, sometimes heartbreaking, that he deals with.

Hear his view on the Local Plan and what he thinks are the most important challenges facing Guildford.

And what he thinks of his party’s prospects at the next election…

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