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Dragon Interview: Guildford’s MP on the Mini Budget and Local Planning

Published on: 2 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 10 Oct, 2022

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s mini-budget has caused economic turmoil. The pound is now at near parity with the US dollar and the Bank of England was forced to step in and purchase government bonds in order to prevent the collapse of pension funds.

But the turmoil is not just economic, it is also political. Criticism from opposition parties can always be expected but it is clear that there is also grave concern about the tax cuts announced among Tory backbenchers, a majority of whom preferred Rishi Sunak’s more cautious fiscal policies to control inflation even before they knew the extent of the measures Liz Truss had in store.

So where does Guildford’s MP stand on the issue? She very publicly backed Rishi Sunak in the leadership election. Will she be one of those prepared to go against the government when the measures come to a vote in November?

She was available for The Dragon interview because she is not attending the Conservative party conference, what does that say?

And what are her views on local planning? Does she still support the Local Plan? Should it have been reviewed? Is there any end in sight for population growth and the demand for more and more building sites on green fields?

What about a building height control for Guildford and the master plan? All these topics are covered in the 30-minute interview with Martin Giles. Please watch…

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