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Dragon Interview: Local Actress Nicky Griffiths – Now Appearing in Jersey Boys

Published on: 17 Aug, 2015
Updated on: 17 Aug, 2015

Local actress, Nicky Griffiths, has recently landed a part in one of the West End’s longest running and most popular shows – Jersey Boys. Ferenc Hepp interviews her about her journey from her roots in Guildford pantomime, via roles in Wicked, Mamma Mia and Dirty Dancing, encounters with Beverley Knight and Michael Ball, ending up with her very special personal connection with the one and only Frankie Valli.

Nicky Griffiths

Nicky Griffiths

What is your background and connection to Guildford? Did you grow up in the local area?

I grew up in Cranleigh, and as a kid I performed in panto at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. When did you first get into the acting world?

I always performed as a kid then went to the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts before starting work as an actress when I was 19.

Is there anyone in the profession who inspires you or you look up to?

People who have longevity in their career. Someone like Julie Walters who’s always worked in theatre, TV and film.

Tell us about your first professional audition.

I was petrified! I’m not sure if 15 years later it’s got any easier.

Can you think of any amusing stories from your auditions/career and have you met many celebrities?

I’ve worked with Beverley Knight and Alexandra Burke, as well as Michael Ball. I’ve met loads after they’ve watched shows I’ve been in. I’m always so star struck.

Which have been your favourite role(s) in your career?

I played Penny in Dirty Dancing which was my dream role; however Jersey Boys is definitely my favourite show.

What are the other important things in your life apart from performing?

My family and my brilliant friends. I also teach dance and performing arts which I love.

Do you prefer touring or being based in the same place? Why?

I prefer working in London as it’s now my home, but I do love travelling and being paid to travel. I worked on the Mamma Mia international tour and went to Thailand and New Zealand with the show, which was an amazing opportunity.

Nicky, playing a reporter Lorraine, interviewing Frankie Valli.

Nicky, playing a reporter Lorraine, interviewing Frankie Valli.

Tell us about your latest role in Jersey Boys and how you got into the show?

I play Lorriane, a reporter and Frankie Valli’s girlfriend. Plus about 20 other characters. I think I have about 15 different wig and costume changes!

I auditioned for the role back in last November.  I had to read scenes from the show, sing a couple of songs and learn some dance routines over three weeks, and about 10 auditions later I got the phone call to say I got the job.

I’ve seen Jersey Boys three times over the years and always loved the show and wanted to play Lorraine, so I’m so happy to be playing the role now myself.

Nicky with other female cast member from the Jersey Boys.

Nicky with other female cast member from the Jersey Boys.

What was it like meeting Frankie Valli?

Incredible! I felt so honoured. To perform in front of him and meet him was surreal.

What is the future for Nicky Griffiths?

I hope many more years working in the industry. For me success is making a living in the industry. It’s a tough world to work in, with very few jobs, so just to be working is brilliant.

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