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Dragon Interview: Paul Follows, Lib Dem Candidate for Godalming & Ash

Published on: 26 May, 2024
Updated on: 28 May, 2024

Paul Follows

By Martin Giles

Following the Dragon’s exclusive interview with Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and candidate for the new Godalming & Ash constituency, we caught up with Lib Dem candidate Paul Follows, who will be his main contender for the seat.

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In the meantime, of course, a general election has been called firing the starting gun for their contest.

In the interview, to allow voters to compare their responses, we cover similar ground that we did with Jeremy Hunt: his statement that £100k was “not a huge salary” for people in South West Surrey; concerns that the amount of development in Surrey was changing its character; the link between development and population growth and migration; the Thames Water fiasco; and of course the next election.

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Godalming & Ash Candidates as at May 26 2024. Source Wikipedia More nominations may be made.

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