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Guildford Girl, Emma Stevens, Talks About Her New Album ‘Waves’

Published on: 24 Sep, 2014
Updated on: 29 Sep, 2014

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Emma Stevens is an up and coming singer songwriter from Guildford. Her second album “Waves” is about to be released. Here she talks to The Guildford Dragon NEWS about the album, her appearances on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 show, and even the Local Plan…

Questions asked by Martin Giles


How would you sum up your latest album Waves? Is there a theme or is it simply a collection of your latest songs. You have said: “It is all written from my heart and soul to convey messages based on feelings evoked by loss, happiness, the sea and my journey so far.” Can you expand?

I decided to call the album Waves, because that is so true to my emotions. They come in waves, waves of happiness and positivity, waves of sadness, missing my Mum [Emma’s Mum sadly died a couple of years ago] and heartbreak.

But Waves are also the form in which sound travels and the obvious – the reason I surf! The songs are a collection of songs that I have been working on mainly in the last year, but a couple of songs are slightly older.

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Emma walking in fields by The Mount in Guildford – Photo Andy Teo

To me it has quite a strong “Country” style or influence. Would you agree or am I wrong? How would you describe your style or genre or do you hate to be pigeon holed?

I don’t mind people recommending where they think I fit in terms of genre. It actually helps me out. I have no idea. a mesh of pop, country, folk – my second single Gold Rush is forming it’s own genre – gypsy pop. I hope people like it.

Overall your songs are optimistic and have a happy feel. Does that reflect your outlook and personal circumstances at the moment?

I think it’s really important to write from your heart. For me, I’m a very positive and optimistic person and I think it’s great to be able to write songs which can help others with a positive message, too.

Does the inspiration for your song writing come from out of the blue or do you sit down at a pre-arranged time and think right what shall I write about?

It’s usually always out of the blue. Sometimes I’ll have a title kicking around for ages and decide – “I’m going to work on this today!”

You have written all the songs on this album with your co-writer and producer Pete Woodruffe. How does that work?

Pete is amazing. We are such a unit when we work together. We sit and brainstorm lyrics together, I then have a million instruments around me which I pick up and play, and he records it.

How long did it take to record and which studio(s) did you use?

Altogether we wrote and recorded the new album in seven months and we used his attic in his family home.

You are unsigned artist. Do you think you are a close to a contract?

I don’t know! 🙂

You have featured on Terry Wogan’s, Chris Evans’ and Clare Balding’s Radio 2 shows. Any anecdotes to share?

When I played on Chris Evan’s show, David Walliams was also in the room, along with a guy playing his walking stick crutch as a flute, who decided to play on my single as I played it live in the studio. It doesn’t get much weirder and wonderful that that!

You are a real Guildford girl. Do you get any song-writing inspiration from our town and countryside?

Yes. Dreaming Trees from my Enchanted album was inspired by an experience I had with my Mum in the Chantries. 🙂

Do you keep abreast of the local political situation, for instance do you have any views on the Local Plan for Guildford and the possibility of building on the green belt?

I dislike the idea of any of our countryside vanishing. What a tragedy.

My wife and I are two of your fans when can we next see you at Bar des Arts?

I would love to do a gig there again. It was the place I started out. Maybe soon!

What gigs have you got coming up?

Touring in the new year! I have a couple of support shows this year and another trip to Holland and Vietnam which will be very fun!

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Emma with her ukulele, just one of the instruments she plays – Photo Rosie Hardy

Click here for the Emma Stevens website.

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