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Family House Rentals Rising In South-East As Trend Away From City Continues

Published on: 19 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 19 Jul, 2021

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House renting in the south-East is rising as the trend to move away from the city continues. Over the last year, a 7% increase in rents from family properties in village areas outside London has been driven by the lack of suitable houses in the right places.

View from the 11 Quarry Street, GU1 3UY, office of Guildford lettings agent, The Home Club.

“There is lots of opportunity here for single-family property landlords,” says The Home Club founders Jerry Pfletschinger and James Hay. They added: “More tenants are looking to live in the thriving market town of Guildford as it’s close to London and career opportunities.”

Guildford-based lettings agent, The Home Club, launched in 2019, has 378 tenancies already under its belt. Jerry and James said: “We are getting a real welcome in this corner of Surrey as we are a local business with a tenacious commitment to customer service, and doing things differently.”

Meet The Home Club team. From left: Henri Peters, Jenny Grammer, Anjelika Hristova, Achillea Kyriakou and co-founder, James Hay. James is the only career estate agent, the rest have complementary skills, cultures, experiences and personalities to “do things differently”.

They firmly believe that managing property for both landlords and tenants is rooted in transparency and local area knowledge.

Jerry and James added: “There are more single property landlords in Guildford than before and they can find it hard to navigate the legislation involved. This is where The Home Club excels.

“We are helping people achieve their goals and providing on-going customer service and care. It is key to the business as our 5-star Google reviews show. We believe in an honest and open relationship with landlords and tenants, and its business model reflects that integrity.”

The Home Club office at 11 Quarry Street, Guildford.

Jerry said: “I had first-hand knowledge of both being a landlord and a tenant in Guildford and found the experience could, at times, be frustrating. We decided to do things differently. With our local knowledge we knew we could help make a difference to people looking to live in the wonderful town of Guildford.”

James said: “At The Home Club we don’t conform to the traditional letting agency mould, we think and do things differently, our clients are reaping the benefits of this and we’re really enjoying doing it.”

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Responses to Family House Rentals Rising In South-East As Trend Away From City Continues

  1. George Potter Reply

    July 19, 2021 at 11:15 am

    It’s bad enough that those of us stuck renting have to deal with rents rising by 7%, but it would be really nice if companies like this weren’t quite so gleeful about boasting to landlords how much they will be able to profit off the back of our hard-earned wages.

    Just a thought.

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