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Filmfest – a Festival of German Films

Published on: 2 May, 2024
Updated on: 7 May, 2024

By Barbara Ford

Chair of the Guildford Twinning Association

Once again the Guildford Twinning Association (GTA) is running a day of German films, in collaboration with the University of Surrey, on the campus, open to the public, admission free.

It’s on Wednesday 8 May between 3pm and 9pm – book now to reserve your seat. Do come – how could you resist?

Once again, it’s a carefully curated selection of three German films, one heritage, one meaty, one sheer fun, each introduced by a specialist from the university.

You can watch all or any of them – don’t worry, they all have English subtitles (even the silent film!)

First up, at 3pm is “Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens/Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror” director F W Murnau (1922) (PG). This is the original vampire film which set the mould all the others have followed since.

Based on Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” – which led to a copyright suit – it is spine-chilling and horrifying, while being artistic and technically innovative.

Other versions of “Nosferatu” have been made since, as well as all the Dracula films, but none is as haunting as this one.

Next, at 5pm, is “Sophie Scholl: die Letzten Tage/Sophie Scholl, the Last Days” dir. Marc Rothemund (2005)(PG). This one is the true story of a very brave young German woman, a student and a member of the anti-Nazi non-violent White Rose activist group.

She was caught and accused of treason… a reminder that not all Germans supported Hitler. The film sits well with the various exhibitions in Guildford recently about the brave young men and women of the WW2 SOE organisation.

Finally, at 7.30pm it’s “Lola Rennt/Run Lola Run” sheer fast-paced fun, with a driving techno-rock soundtrack so you feel you are running too, as Lola runs to save her boyfriend from the revenge of the mob he has unwisely tangled with.

Watch one, watch them all, it’s up to you. And it’s free – for more details and to book your seats and your FREE parking place, click here.

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