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Fuel At More Than £2 Per Litre Hits Guildford But Motorists ‘Just Have to Pay Out’

Published on: 30 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 1 Jul, 2022

By Hugh Coakley

A new fuel price high was seen in Guildford today (Thursday, June 30) with diesel at 208.9p a litre and unleaded petrol at 195.9p a litre in the BP petrol station in Woodbridge Road.

Fuel hit more than £2 a litre for the first time in Guildford at one petrol station in Woodbridge Road, outstripping national average prices by over 8p a litre.

This whopping figure was higher than all other petrol stations checked in the area and more than the record high prices reported by the RAC. The RAC Fuel Watch website records the prices in the UK averaging at 199.02p a litre for diesel, equating to £9 a gallon, and 191.25p a litre for unleaded on Wednesday, June 29.

Prices at many other outlets, although lower than BP in Woodbridge Road, were in line with national averages and approaching the £2 a litre mark for diesel.

Forecourt signs at six other petrol stations in central and north of Guildford were showing diesel at around 198.9 pence for diesel and 188.9 pence for unleaded, a rise of about 60% since January 2020.

The RAC fuel spokesperson, Simon Williams, who had warned of £2 a litre fuel prices earlier in the month, said: “We are struggling to see how retailers can justify continuing to put up their unleaded prices as the wholesale cost of petrol has reduced significantly.”

One motorists said: “It’s hard to know what’s true at the moment. I really don’t know whether they are profiteering but it hasn’t changed the amount I am driving.”

Another said: “I just have to pay out. What choice do I have?”

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