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George Abbot Students Ready Themselves For The World Of Work

Published on: 20 Mar, 2017
Updated on: 20 Mar, 2017

George Abbot School’s annual Year 10 interview day was the culmination of a good deal of hard work by its students and staff.

Students learned about the various aspects of applying for jobs and writing CVs. Once the CVs were written, they moved on to interview techniques, how to conduct themselves and how to address the questions relating their skills to an imaginary job role they had applied for.

Students in smart dress for their mock interviews.

On interview day (Friday, March 3), most of the students were naturally nervous; although they were very proud of themselves once they had completed the task.

In fact, 100% of the students’ evaluation stated that they thought that the exercise was a valuable experience.

Equally, the interviewers thought the standard of interviewees was very high, commenting on the students’ professionalism.

Ian Davey from Qubix (far right) with Year 10 students at George Abbot School’s mock interview day.

Once again the event was sponsored by Qubix, a local company that is a leader in business analytics and to whom George Abbot School is extremely grateful for its generosity which allowed the event to go ahead.

The school thanks the 36 local employers and parents who turned out to give these young people a taste of ‘real life’, what it is like to be interviewed for a job by a total stranger.

Firm hand shakes, eye-to-eye contact and clear speech were the order of the day.

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