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Group from Artventure Trust View Their Work at Grange Park Opera’s Theatre

Published on: 21 Jul, 2023
Updated on: 20 Jul, 2023

Artists from Guildford-based Artventure Trust have visited Grange Park Opera’s theatre, based at West Horsley Place, where their portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is being displayed.

This is before the painting moves to its home at Bagshot Park as part of the collection of The Duchess of Edinburgh.

The visit by Venture Trust to Grange Park Opera’s theatre at West Horsley Place to view their portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Grange Park Opera supports local disability arts with Artventure to celebrate the coronation of Charles III.

Artventure Trust says the stunning portrait, in pop art style, was created by learning disabled artists to promote and raise the profile of disability art by showing the value created by these artists.

The portrait was presented to The Duchess of Edinburgh during her recent visit to Artventure Trust.

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The group enjoying their visit and tour.

Some of the artists who were involved in creating the portrait had a guided tour of West Horsley Place and its gardens and were delighted to see their work in such a spectacular environment.

They enjoyed the special treatment they received during their visit including an inspiring tour of the theatre which included time on the stage.

On the stage at Grange Park Opera’s theatre.

Artventure Trust offers visual art sessions for adults with learning disabilities, autism and physical impairments in a safe and fun environment. It operates in Merrow and has received participants from all over Surrey since 1984.

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