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Guildford Art Society Exhibition At The Cathedral

Published on: 16 Oct, 2021
Updated on: 16 Oct, 2021

The committee and friends of the Guildford Art Society are holding a show of artworks at Guildford Cathedral until November 7 by those who work to make their exhibitions and events happen.

A selection of the works are shown below.

Dusk to Dawn by Annmarie Shenton. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Chairman of Guildford Art Society, Sinclair Webster, said: “The exhibition is to recognise the significant contribution of the committee to the smooth running and well-being of the society.

“We would be delighted to welcome new helpers who wish to offer their time and skills for the benefit of members – and of course become eligible for future committee exhibitions.”

A Break in the Clouds by Melanie Cambridge

The exhibitors are: Sinclair Webster, chairman; Melanie Cambridge, vice-chairman; Ingrid Skogland, exhibitions co-ordinator; Annmarie Shelton, social media and exhibitions; David Jobson, webmaster and membership; Cecila Sprot,  monthly challenge; David Sprot, GAS pipeline editor; Jean Ellis, secretary; Bob Milton, transport and exhibition construction; Marylin McNie, previous chairman and exhibitions team.

Dream Catcher by Ingrid Skoglund.

Durdle Door by David Sprot.

Mary by Sinclair Webster.

Silver Birch by Jean Ellis.

Sunset and Icicles by Marylin McNie.

Surviving by Cecelia Barandiaran-Sprot.


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