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Guildford’s Upper High Street Blocked All Day as Tree Crashes on to the Road

Published on: 29 Jun, 2023
Updated on: 29 Jun, 2023

By Hugh Coakley

Guildford’s Upper High Street was dramatically blocked throughout the day (Thursday, June 29) when a large branch from a mature tree crashed down over the road before 6am this morning.

The fallen branches completely blocked the upper High Street from around 6am (June 29). Photo: Ben Darnton.

The damaged tree, located in the pavement opposite the old Royal Grammar School, was severely damaged.

No casualties or cause for the partial collapse has been reported.

Damage to the tree is extensive making it likely it will be removed completely. Photo: Fiona Davidson.

Surrey County Councillor Fiona Davidson (R4GV, Guildford South-East) said it was likely the tree would have to be completely removed. She said: “The road will reopen around 9pm this evening and be swept in the early hours.

“I’m working with the county council’s arboriculture team to find a suitable replacement tree. The plan would be to plant a mature tree.”

The Surrey County Council team clearing the road this afternoon. Photo: Ben Darnton.

The tree has provided shade and interest to the town center for years prompting one local resident to say: “I loved that tree”.

Guildford’s upper High Street was closed all day due to the fallen branches. Photo: Ben Darnton.

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Responses to Guildford’s Upper High Street Blocked All Day as Tree Crashes on to the Road

  1. K White Reply

    June 30, 2023 at 9:33 pm

    The entire tree has now been felled. Such a shame.

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