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Guildford Joyriding Burglar Admits Crimes On Stolen Car’s Dashcam

Published on: 12 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 12 Jun, 2022

A dashcam video, automatically recorded as a burglar went on a joyride in a stolen car, was used as evidence by Surrey Police.

A man who stole a car from a house in Woking has been sentenced after dashcam recorded him admitting to his crimes.

Surrey police officers were called to reports of a car crashing into a wall on Constitution Hill in Woking on June 26 last year. The driver of the car had left the scene but officers were able to get in touch with the owner of the car who confirmed that it had been stolen.

They found dashcam recordings of the driver boasting to a friend on the phone that he had broken into someone’s home, stolen a set of car keys and was joy riding’ the car to Guildford. He was then seen to drive recklessly, reaching speeds of 50mph on a 30mph residential road, before crashing the car whilst trying to video call his friend.

See the video used by the police as evidence here…

DNA on the steering wheel was later linked to Kevin Moss.

Moss, 28, of Rowan Close, Bellfields, Guildford, was sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years, at Guildford Crown Court on May 30 after pleading guilty to burglary and aggravated vehicle taking. Moss was also ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid community work and pay £1,000 in compensation to the victim.

Temporary Sergeant Christopher North, from the Western Burglary Team, said: “Not only did Moss burgle a home and take someone else’s property for his own enjoyment, he also went on to endanger the public by driving recklessly and carelessly through residential roads.

“I hope that this investigation shows that we will not tolerate this kind of senseless behaviour in Surrey.”

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