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Guildford’s MP and Council Leader Welcome A3 Junctions Investment

Published on: 10 Mar, 2017
Updated on: 11 Mar, 2017

A3 university and cathedral interchange

£1.6 million for improvements to the A3 northbound off-slip road at the university and cathedral interchange, and £2.5 million for the A3 southbound off-slip road at the Stoke interchange have been earmarked by the Ministry of Transport.

The schemes are included in details, published today by the Secretary of State, Chris Grayling, of how £220 million will be spent to relieve congestion on the Strategic Road Network.

In is hoped that the schemes in the “Congestion Relief Programme” will be delivered quickly to relieve congestion, improve safety and help facilitate local development.  The list includes further schemes across the South East details of which are to be announced later.

Objectors to Guildford’s draft Local Plan often cite infrastructure constraints as a major obstacle to the proposed level of development in Guildford, 14,000 extra homes in the next 20 years.

Rt Hon Anne Milton MP

Anne Milton said: “I am absolutely delighted that the government continues to recognise the importance of Guildford and our need for better movement on our roads.

“This new investment comes quickly on the heels of £12.5 million for town centre transport links and £7.5 million for the Slyfield Regeneration Project announced last month.

“Along with Guildford Borough Council, I have lobbied for some years for local infrastructure improvements – now we need to add investment in our train services and rail capacity into London.”

Cllr Paul Spooner

Cllr Paul Spooner (Con, Ash South & Tongham), leader of Guildford Borough Council, said: “This is great news for Guildford and our ongoing plans to improve the lives of residents, visitors and those who travel to work in our borough. Tackling traffic congestion is a key local issue and something we have been working on with the government to get the best outcomes for our community and local businesses.

“I would particularly like to thank Anne Milton MP and the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling for their help in making this vital funding possible and available. We look forward to continued government support and investment in our borough.”

Cllr Matt Furniss.

Cllr Matt Furniss (Con, Christchurch), lead councillor for infrastructure, added: “Recognising the importance of Guildford with funding to improve key junctions will also help improve safety as well as ease existing congestion on this busy stretch of the A3. We welcome this latest investment in local road infrastructure and will continue to move forward with our long-term vision for an A3 tunnel.

“This fits alongside plans with strategic partners to improve local rail capacity and provide new stations as part of our integrated transport approach. I would also like to thank Highways England and Surrey County Council, as we are working together to address existing problems and provide future solutions to improve our strategic and local road networks. ”

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Responses to Guildford’s MP and Council Leader Welcome A3 Junctions Investment

  1. John Robson Reply

    March 12, 2017 at 9:52 am

    I appreciate that the Conservatives are desperate for any PR spin following the demolition of yet another election pledge, but how can £4 million to tweak a few junctions on a motorway that carries 15,000,000 traffic movements per annum result in high fives in Millmead? Are they serious?

    These improvements may improve flow, for a few weeks anyway, but any traffic safety expert will tell you roads and junctions don’t mix. Junctions are where the accidents happen. This is statistically proven and Guildford has many within a 2-3 mile stretch of the A3.

    The proposal is just a sticking plaster over a gaping axe wound, that bisects Guildford.

    We’re constantly advised that Surrey / Guildford is the economic powerhouse of the UK and the council leader believes he has influence in Westminster. So how is it that Guildford is swatted aside with this minuscule amount of infrastructure funding, whilst the Secrtetary of State, Chris Grayling, awards £1.4 billion to sleepy Wiltshire to build a tunnel to pacify the druids of Stonehenge?

    Is the A303 busier / more dangerous and more of a priority than the A3?

    Maybe we need a few druids to seek election to the GBC Executive?

  2. Martin Elliott Reply

    March 12, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    How does modifying two slip roads relieve congestion without major modification to the roundabout/traffic light junctions?

    Extending/widening slip roads may allow better driving, but if the experience of the extended south-bound onslip at the Wooden Bridge is anything to go by, the average driver hasn’t a clue how to merge into, or allow merging with a dual carriage way, using less than 25% of the extended slip.

    Improvement, is not possible for £4 million. We need major improvements as in the Guildford Borough Transport Strategy.
    Unfortunately, I have no idea what status a ‘strategy’ has. After all, the actual work is the responsibility of Surrey County Council or Highways England. All the real changes that would reduce congestion are still only aspirational.

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