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Guildford Parkrun, Saturday, February 8

Published on: 9 Feb, 2014
Updated on: 9 Feb, 2014

There was a new ‘extreme weather’ course this week – avoiding grass and sticking entirely to paths. There were 119 runners, of whom 17 were first timers and 22 recorded new personal bests. Representatives of 14 different athletics clubs took part.

Guildford parkrunMen’s placings:
Scott FILMER (SM30-34) of Colchester Harriers AC, was first over the line in 18:23 – first appearance.
Craig RYAN (SM25-29) (unattached) was second over the line in 19:32.
Daniel Peter HEFFERNAN (SM35-39) (unattached) was third over the line in 19:34 – was first to finish once before.

Current standing in the men’s annual points competition:
Daniel Peter HEFFERNAN (unattached) 3,958 pts.
David WOODCOCK (unattached) 3,055 pts.
Andrew FLANAGAN (unattached) 2,855 pts.

Women’s placings:
Lauren LONGHURST (SW25-29) (unattached) was first (24th overall) over the line in 23:53 – first appearance.
Emma HAWKINS (VW40-44) (unattached) was second (25th overall) over the line in 24:04.
Katie NICHOLAS (SW25-29) of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was third (28th overall) over the line in 24:24.

Current standing in the women’s annual points competition:
Susanne BARNES (Woking AC) 3,987 pts.
Julia BONILLA (unattached) 3,583 pts.
Susanna HARRISON (Guildford & Godalming AC) 3,214 pts.

The following runners recorded the best age grade scores:
Anthony ALDRED (VM65-69) was graded 71.05% for the time 23:50 (23rd overall).
Scott FILMER (SM30-34) was graded 70.35% for the time 18:23 (first overall).
David ANDREWS (VM50-54) was graded 70.04% for the time 21:35 (12th overall).

Guildford Parkrun started on March 10, 2012, and since then 2,752 different runners, including participants from 192 athletics clubs, have completed 12,433 runs covering a total distance of 62,165 km, and there have been 2,548 new personal bests.

The women’s record is held by Katherine PHILP who ran in a time of 18:46 (event number 60).
The men’s record is held by Tom ALDRED who ran in a time of 15:30 (event number 5).
The age grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded a 90.41% run (22:25) (event number 57).

Today’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Guildford Parkrun Results Page.

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