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Guildford Police Officers Commended

Published on: 28 May, 2016
Updated on: 30 May, 2016

Two members of Surrey Police, based at Guildford, have received commendations for their work. The awards ceremony was held at The Refectory, Guildford Cathedral on Wednesday, May 25. Summaries of their citations follow.

DC David Jones

DC David Jones

Detective Constable David Jones worked alone in the Criminal Investigation Department for twelve months covering the duties, in addition to his own, of two colleagues on long term sick leave. Without complaint, he managed a workload of up to thirty three crimes received from members of the public including serious matters such as: robbery, child sexual offences, and complex fraud and drug supply offences. Despite this, he still found time to assist colleagues with their responsibilities.

In a recent robbery case, involving a prolific offender, DC Jones persuaded the victim not to withdraw his evidence before the court appearance at which the offender pleaded guilty to the crime and received a custodial sentence of two and a half years. In another recent case, convictions were secured of two prolific burglary offenders. One pleaded not guilty but both were found guilty by a jury and received lengthy prison sentences.

DC Jones has displayed exceptional skill, effort and commitment and an impressive ability to handle a high volume of cases and achieve good results.

Tom Aspland

Tom Aspland

Tom Aspland was on duty in the Force Control Room when, in the early hours of 21st September 2015, an intruder alarm was activated at a Golf Shop on the A3 in Guildford. Mr Aspland dispatched officers to the location and noticed the existence of a nearby Highway Authority CCTV camera. Through fast use of IT systems the vehicle was spotted leaving the premises and a description of the suspect vehicle obtained.

Details of a similar vehicle stopped by other officers were checked by Mr Aspland on an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. results of the check caused greater suspicion and details were passed to Hampshire Police who spotted the vehicle in Southampton where it rammed an Armed Response Vehicle before a “stinger” was deployed and the vehicle brought to a halt.

The two occupants then decamped and attempted to make good their escape by swimming through a river, but were pursued by the dog unit and arrested. On searching the van it was found to be full of stolen golf clubs.

Tom Aspland, through his excellent use of technology, to identify a suspicious vehicle, contributed to the capture and arrest of two prolific criminals.

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