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Guildford Shakespeare Company To Perform A Play For Our Times – Julius Caesar

Published on: 30 Jan, 2017
Updated on: 30 Jan, 2017

Interesting times demand interesting drama. And so, with some relish, the Guildford Shakespeare Company (GSC) opens its 2017 programme with Shakespeare’s great Roman thriller, Julius Caesar, given a pointedly modern setting.

“We felt that if ever there was a play for our times, this was it,” explains GSC co-founder Matt Pinches. “Even though it was written over 400 years ago, Caesar contains echoes of the political world we live in today. It’s easy to see parallels with the recent US Presidential election, Brexit, Syria, and European migration issues, as well as the obvious connotations of party delegates wanting to oust their leader.”

Focusing on the cult of personality in politics, a government founded on propaganda and the most famous case of political backstabbing, GSC promises a compellingly tense thriller staged in Holy Trinity Church on Guildford High Street, venue for 2015’s King Lear.

Caesar greets the crowd… (Photos Steve Porter)

“This is a Caesar of suits and PR campaigns, of violence and fear, caught in a high octane whirl of sound bites and camera flashes,’ says director Gemma Fairlie. “As rumours fly and governments implode the story of Caesar will explode through Holy Trinity Church.”

A number of regular GSC actors return, including Noel White in the title role, Johanne Murdock as Brutus and Chris Porter as Cassius. Jack Wharrier, who played the title role in the GSC’s staged reading of Pericles, plays Mark Antony.

… while behind conspiracy is afoot

True to their ten year history, the company will use Shakespeare’s original script. “Rest assured we will not be translating anything, we never do,” says Matt Pinches. “GSC is adamant that Shakespeare does not have to be dumbed-down to be understood. The setting may be modern, but the words and their intentions are timeless.”

Julius Caesar runs from February 4-25 at Holy Trinity Church. For tickets, see or call the GSC Box Office, 01483 304384.

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