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Guildford Stays Conservative – Anne Milton Increases Her Majority

Published on: 8 May, 2015
Updated on: 9 May, 2015
Anne Milton gives her victory address

Anne Milton gives her victory address

Anne Milton was re-elected with an increased majority this morning in a result announced at 5am. Following a national trend the Liberal Democrats suffered a much reduced share of the vote down from  21,836 in 2010 to just 8,354.

Richard Wilson, the Labour candidate, managed to more than double his party’s share, apparently benefiting from the Lib Dems current unpopularity, while Harry Aldridge, the UKIP candidate, must be disappointed not to have beaten Labour into third place, even though his 4,474 votes represented a four fold increase of his party’s 2010 vote.

Speaking immediately after the result was announced Anne Milton said: A very big thank you to the people of Guildford. When I think back to ten years ago when I first won this seat by 347 votes to get this majority… this is a very moving moment for me. It is lovely that you have put your faith in me tonight. I won’t let you down.

“We have got some big challenges ahead both in Guildford and in Cranleigh and I look forward to helping to make sure that your constituency meets those challenges.”

Hiding any disappointment Kelly-Marie Blundell, the Lib Dem candidate, said: “I am really, really pleased that we have seen a strong turnout for the Liberal Democrats in Guildford.

“I am pleased that Anne Milton has been returned as an MP. She is a good MP for the Guildford area, however I have concerns for a Conservative minority government going forward.”

“I think we have seen some very disappointing results nationally and we have lost some fantastic members of parliament.”

Reacting to the result Labour candidate Richard Wilson said: “I am really pleased to have raised the Labour vote by more than 100%. Over 6,500 people trusted me with their vote and we finished a convincing third ahead of UKIP which is more than anyone thought we would do.

“The local party is now in a strong position to represent the most disadvantaged people in Guildford and it looks like they will need our help over the next five years.”

Full result:

Anne Milton, Conservative   30,802 – 57.1%

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem   8,354 – 15.5%

Richard Wilson, Labour   6,534 – 12.1%

Harry Aldridge, UKIP   4,474 – 8.8%

John Pletts, Green Party   2,558 – 4.7%

Susan Parker, GGG     538 – 1%

John Morris, Peace Party   230 – 0.4%

Gerri Smyth, CISTA    196 – 0.4%

Turnout 71.5%

2010 Result
Con      29,618 53%
LD        21,836 39%
Lab       2,812 5.1%
UKIP    1,021 1.8%
Peace   281 0.5%
Turnout 72%

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Responses to Guildford Stays Conservative – Anne Milton Increases Her Majority

  1. Shirley and Brian West Reply

    May 8, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    Congratulations Anne, I am so pleased for Guildford.

    When we ask for your support you are always there to help us whoever we may be.

    Guildford is a richer place with you as our MP.

  2. Stuart Barnes Reply

    May 9, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Congratulations Anne. Please try to push Dave to follow a few Conservative policies now that he has not got the excuse of the Liberals to fall back on.

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