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Guildford’s Lib Dem Candidate Vows to Fight On

Published on: 9 Jun, 2017
Updated on: 13 Jun, 2017

Zoe Franklin photographed during the declaration of Guildford’s election result this morning.

Zöe Franklin, the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, vowed to fight on today (Jun 9, 2017) despite another strong showing by the Conservatives in Guildford.

Speaking after the Guildford result was announced this morning, she said: “The last six weeks have been a roller coaster and I’m incredibly proud of the campaign we delivered in such a short time.

“Large numbers of voters of Guildford have shown that they do not agree with the direction the government is taking our country. We increased our vote share by 8.4% which is real progress for our party and we reduced the majority of the conservatives by more than 5,000 votes.”

Her party are reporting that their membership has doubled in the last 18 months and four new members have joined in Guildford in the last twenty-four hours.

She continued: “An army of supporters and volunteers has shown that people want change and despite the results yesterday, there are still 30% of children in north Guildford living in poverty, and other pockets of real deprivation across the constituency.

“We still have an NHS in crisis and we still have an education system being strangled by the reduction in funding of several hundred pounds per pupil. This is entirely unacceptable. Anne Milton and the Conservative government are responsible for this and I will hold them to account.

“I will continue to fight to create a better Guildford and Cranleigh for all.  I will continue to fight for an environment where everyone can be assured of a good education, where everyone can rely on our great NHS without fear of their life savings being robbed and a town in which we eradicate poverty – something that simply should not be the case in 21st century Britain.”

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