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Guildford’s MP Echoes Post By-election Call: ‘We Cannot Carry On with Business as Usual’

Published on: 24 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 24 Jun, 2022

Angela Richardson and Boris Johnson

By Martin Giles

The by-election result from Tiverton and Honiton, one of two in which the Conservatives suffered a defeat, is likely to be ringing alarm bells for local Conservatives.

While the prospect of an early snap general election has receded further, there needs to be a significant change in Conservative party fortunes for Angela Richardson, Guildford’s current MP, to feel secure.

Given her public pronouncements of support for a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson it is likely that she sees his replacement as necessary to improve her chances of re-election at the next general election.

Jeremy Hunt, here posing with Angela Richardson to promote a charity campaign, is said to be a possible leadership contender if an election is called. Might Ms Richardson be a supporter of her neighbouring party colleague from South West Surrey?

Earlier this month she told the BBC she had voted against the prime minister because of “character, not policies”, and because she believes he has lost public trust.

Ms Richardson said regardless of his victory in the vote, the Prime Minister faces an uncertain future. She thought Mr Johnson could be gone by autumn.

“What I’m really worried about, that this is going to drag on and on and on, and there are so many important issues that we need to be dealing with for the people of this country.”

Tiverton and Honiton, where the Lib Dems overturned a Conservative majority of more than 24,000, is traditionally a safe Conservative seat.

Reacting to the by-election and the resulting resignation of the Conservative party chairman Ms Richardson told The Dragon today: “I hope that he [Boris Johnson] also listens to Oliver Dowden, who in his letter of resignation said: ‘We cannot carry on with business as usual’.”

Zöe Franklin, the prospective Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Guildford, was understandably encouraged by the Tiverton result and said: “The historic result in Devon is clear evidence that this country is fed up with a Prime Minister who is out of touch, lies through his teeth and breaks the law. 

Zoe Franklin

“I heard first-hand what issues matter to people during this by-election and it is exactly what comes up on the doorstep across Guildford and Cranleigh when I go out with the Guildford Lib Dem team. 

“People are fed up with being neglected and taken for granted by this Conservative government. It’s time for a change. 

“If Conservative MPs, even after bruising local election results last month plus three crushing by-election defeats by the Liberal Democrats, won’t do the decent thing and show Boris Johnson the door then it is up to voters in Guildford constituency to do that at the next general election.”

Angela Richardson was also campaining during the by-elections but did not attempt to put a gloss on things. She said: “The by-election results are regrettable ones for the Conservative Party but reflect other recent by-elections in Shropshire and Buckinghamshire. I knocked on doors during all of these polls, listening to residents in other parts of the country as well as in Guildford.

“There has already been a vote of confidence in the prime minister’s leadership of the party. At that time, I declared my lack of confidence in him because of his conduct noted by the Sue Gray report.

“However, he won that vote and the Party’s rules prevent another one for 12 months. This morning, the Prime Minister said he was going to listen to voters in both constituencies. I hope that he also listens to Oliver Dowden, who in his letter of resignation said: ‘We cannot carry on with business as usual’.”

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Responses to Guildford’s MP Echoes Post By-election Call: ‘We Cannot Carry On with Business as Usual’

  1. Mike Dent Reply

    June 24, 2022 at 5:28 pm

    This makes no sense – in his press conference today, Boris Johnson said that politics shouldn’t be about character. Angela Richardson said she has made her decision about Boris Johnson based on his character.

    The Tories are divided and at war with themselves. And the whole time, there is no leadership or governance, and the country, including Guildford, suffers.

    Mike Dent is a Lib Dem activist.

  2. RWL Davies Reply

    June 25, 2022 at 8:45 am

    Back Boris Johnson or sack him soon, otherwise a Labour/Libdem/SNP “alliance” government is nailed on with extremely dire consequences all round.

    • Ben Stonehouse Reply

      June 29, 2022 at 3:50 pm

      Why dire consequences?

      How could they do worse?

  3. Stuart Barnes Reply

    June 25, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Boris must go. It is up to the MPs to organise a method of removing him if he will not resign.

    Our next PM must be a committed Brexiteer and return the party’s policies to being properly Conservative as opposed to Boris’s current trendy liberal ones. The new PM must also give us the complete Brexit that we voted for.

    • Ben Stonehouse Reply

      June 29, 2022 at 3:51 pm

      ‘Complete Brexit’.

      Completely bonkers.

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