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Guildford’s MP Sees Guildford Recycling Operation

Published on: 27 Jan, 2022
Updated on: 28 Jan, 2022

Angela Richardson in the paint shop at the Slyfield recycling centre

Despite the “Partygate” shenanigans at Westminster, Angela Richardson MP found time to visit the Slyfield Community Recycling Facility last week (Friday, January 21) to see for herself some of the work being done to recycle and reuse household waste and divert it away from landfill.

Shown around the site by the operator SUEZ, she saw how household items that could be provided to families who might need them were separated out from waste and stored before being taken away.

Paints were also repurposed and provided to the public in return for a donation to Macmillan Cancer via the new paint shop on the site. All colours and all brands were on display – the containers are all nearly full and would otherwise be incinerated with the resulting damage to the environment.

SUEZ is working to provide experience for former offenders on the site as well, providing stability and a source of employment that keeps them away from the criminal justice system.

Among the medical waste taken to Slyfield over the past week were a series of crutches and support frames for people recovering from operations or who needed help to remain mobile. These items, which are cleaned and then reused back into the NHS, will get to continue helping patients into the future.

“I’m so pleased that Guildford is leading the way at Slyfield with repurposing and reusing items that previously would have gone to waste,” said Angela. “SUEZ is doing a great job for Surrey County Council here diverting things away from incineration and landfill and giving these objects a new lease of life.

“We live in a society that places a premium on things being new. The fact is that if we are to meet carbon-zero targets and conserve the Earth’s resources, we need to become a recycling economy and a society where things are valued for their usefulness and purpose rather than their perceived commercial value.

“I hope to see SUEZ roll out these initiatives across the rest of Surrey. It is a great step forward.”

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