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Guildford’s Secret Desires Revealed On Wishes Wall

Published on: 20 Dec, 2019
Updated on: 20 Dec, 2019

By Hugh Coakley

Guildford’s poignant and heartbreaking desires are revealed in hundreds of post-it notes on a Wishes Wall in the White Lion Walk shopping centre.

The Wishes Wall in White Lion Walk with more than 1,000 messages has been drawing shoppers attention for the past few weeks.

In wonderfully succinct and mainly anonymous posts, people summed up what they really wanted and added them to the crowded wall.

A few wanted a lottery win but most were wishing for good for others, whether on a grand scale of “peace for the world” or just for the health and happiness of a loved one.

A very sad message for a lost baby.

One moving message, posted on the wall and also sent to the White Lion Walk facebook page, laid bare the loss of a loved one: “In memory of Baby Oliver West 16 March 2018 Love Mummy and Daddy.”

Another wished that it could have been different for their son: “I wish my 30 year old son didn’t have cerebral palsy – wish he could walk and talk.”

Other messages talked about family breakdown: “I wish my Dad cared and came back to England.” Another hoped: “That the man in my life sorts it out so we can be a family again.” One more said: “I wish my family would make up.” and another fervently wished for: “My sister to pick her life back up and get on her feet again.”

Quite a few wished for a boyfriend and a number hoped for success in their exams. “Good mock results and someone to love me,” said one post.

“I wish to pass my Royal Marines training next year,” said one hopeful warrior.

Messages hoping for the good of others dominates the thoughts on the Wishes Wall in White Lion Walk.

It was thinking of others and family that stands out most on the wall.

“I wish for my Grandma to learn to live a happy life without my Grandpa,” and “For my boyfriend to stay happy and safe,” said another post.

And some amusing tries: “Brexmas Means Brexmas,” said one mysterious writer and another said: “I wish for my hair to actually bleach properly pls.”

Operations manager for the shopping centre Sam Orledge said: “The pop-up wall invites shoppers to pause for reflection, make a Christmas wish and support a local charity, Shooting Star Children’s Hospice. The donation box next to the wall gives passers-by the chance to drop in a contribution to the charity.”

People in the white Lion Walk stop to read the notes posted on the wall and to add to the hundreds of wishes already posted.

Shooting Star also took a bucket collection at the Christmas lights switch-on event in the town on Thursday, November 21. Sam Orledge, said that the fireworks display was supported by White Lion Walk and was “stunning.”.

People who post on the wall are encouraged to take a picture of their wish and share it on the White Lion Walk facebook page.

The wall will be in White Lion Walk until Monday, December 30, and the notes containing all the wishes will be recycled at the end of the event.

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