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Guildford’s Top-Rated Digital Agency Bringing The Town Alive

Published on: 10 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 11 Nov, 2022

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Guildford is a bustling town, full of international brands, gorgeous coffee shops and enough restaurants to keep you happy for months!

But hidden among those big-name brands are our all-important independent businesses and local charities. These are the true heart of Guildford and represent the community in more ways than one.

Delivered Social is Guildford’s most-rated digital marketing agency and it truly understands the importance of these organisations among the noise.

That is why Delivered Social has poured its heart and soul into its corporate social responsibility initiative.

Delivered Social Green was set up a few years back and now offers £1,000 worth of marketing services to any charity that needs a boost. It has produced hundreds of free websites, created thousands of free social media campaigns and helped more than 300 charities speak out and get noticed.

In a time where people are struggling to pay their own bills, charities like the ones local to Guildford are looking for any ways to draw in support, volunteers and donations.

Marketing is something that does the world of good for people like them, but it is often not the area with a dedicated budget.

Not only does Delivered Social give back to the community by offering free services to non-profits, but it has also founded The Guildford App – a platform to be used by any business in the town that wants to advertise its services or products online for free!

Advertising can come at a huge cost, especially if you’re trying to target specific audiences and clientele.

But with The Guildford App, people not only get to advertise for free but can receive orders directly through the app and get featured in the monthly newsletter released by the Delivered Social team for that extra push.

It’s gestures like this that help us find the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.

When business looks bleak, it is important to remember there will be a solution out there somewhere. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and you can still get quality services and advice from professionals when you need it.

To keep Guildford alive, Delivered Social has dedicated its vision to creating accessible marketing and allowing the talents of our brilliant town to shine through in as many places as possible.

Its Social Clinics are often full of small business owners as well as big brands and charities just asking for advice. So if you think they could help you make some more noise in the community, get in touch today.

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