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Hedgehogs Find Save Haven at Clandon Wood

Published on: 28 Oct, 2014
Updated on: 28 Oct, 2014

Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground has reintroduced two pairs of hedgehogs back in to the wild on its 31-acre site located just outside Guildford.

Fran Hall Clandon Wood's operations manager watches over the new arrival.

Fran Hall, Clandon Wood’s operations manager, watches over one of the new arrivals. All pictures by Dani Maimone.

The two pairs had been rescued and taken to the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead. Hedgehog numbers have declined dramatically over the last 60 years with numbers plummeting from around 30 million to less than one million today. It’s vital, especially at this time of year as they go into hibernation, that people are aware of this iconic creature and how it can be helped if required.

Click here for You Tube clip of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ at Clandon Wood. By Antony Etwell.

Getting a close-up picture of one of the hedgehogs.

Getting a close-up picture of one of the hedgehogs.

Wildlife Aid is a conservation charity that was founded in 1980 by the wildlife campaigner and broadcaster, Simon Cowell MBE. The foundation relies on dedicated volunteers who nurture, sick orphaned and injured wild animals back to health at their wildlife hospital and then reintroduce them back into the wild. They deal with over 20,000 wildlife emergencies a year.

Simon Cowell MBE, is a big believer in getting all of us to do one thing to make a difference to wildlife, conservation and the planet and he is launching a campaign to this effect called iDOT – I Do One Thing, encouraging everyone to get involved. He said: “Just imagine, one simple action a day from everyone, world-wide, would create over seven billion actions a day. That’s 2,600,000,000,000 actions a year! Now that would make a difference.”

Waiting to explore Clandon Wood.

Waiting to explore Clandon Wood.

Clandon Wood officially opened in June 2013. It was recently judged The Best Natural Burial Ground in the UK voted for by the many families who have chosen to bury a loved one among the wildflowers and young woodland. It was also voted Cemetery of the Year at the Good Funeral Awards 2014 and has been granted Green Flag Status by Keep Britain Tidy.

To find out more about natural burial at Clandon Wood, check the website at or call the office on 01483 479614.

To find out about more about the Wildlife Aid Foundation or how you can get involved as a volunteer, take a look at the website

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