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Some Homes Still Without Water – ‘Thames Water Will Be Held to Account’ Says MP

Published on: 7 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 7 Nov, 2023

By Martin Giles

Now in the fourth day of the water supply “major incident”, Guildford’s MP says she is flat out responding to constituents and that “Thames Water will be held to account.”

A resident in Cranleigh has reported that his water supply was still off this morning although most of Cranleigh seems now to be unaffected. It is understood that Shamley Green and Bramley still have some water supply issues and a reader has written in to say the County School in Guildford has had to remain closed.

Angela Richardson MP

Angela Richardson told The Dragon this morning: “I’m flat out responding to constituents on this and have been in touch with Defra Ministers yesterday and this morning so they understand the impact on education.

“I have also made them aware that in my opinion, Thames Water is adding to its reputational damage by the way some of its individual communications to residents have been contradictory, as of course the residents speak to each other.

“Short of putting on overalls as an engineer and trying to fix the problem myself (which I’m clearly not qualified to do) I can [only] communicate with residents based on the up-to-date information I am given.

“Thames Water will be held to account. My frustration equals that of residents.”

Cllr Paul Follows

It also seems to equal that of Waverley’s Council leader Paul Follows.

He sent the following:

➡️ Bottled water stations are still active at Crown Court and Artington. A station has now been set up at Burton Pavilion, Milford (FINALLY) – better late than never I suppose!

➡️ Revising our previously more optimistic reports, many areas of Godalming have water, but we are aware that many still do not.

These include:

Charterhouse; Farncombe Hill; Frith Hill; Hurtmore; Catteshall; Bramley: Shamley Green; Witley. (And a number of areas in Guildford, but this is out of our direct jurisdiction as Waverley councillors).

➡️ The initial hopes from TW that this will be resolved by Tuesday seems to have not materialised. We have made officers aware of the areas still without water.

➡️ As we are not experts, we don’t think it prudent to comment on this but we would refer residents to this TW page ( for any queries about water colour as the supply begins to return. If you have concerns you can call them on 0800 316 9800.

➡️ I am convening councillors again at 2030 to make sure we continue to be able to assist residents as widely as possible.

➡️ We are starting now to think about questions for TW and for Surrey [County Council] (and the government) about how this happened, the lack of comms and the chronic underinvestment in water infrastructure.

Thames Water have still to reply to The Guildford Dragon’s request for more information about the precise cause and the number and location of homes affected.

But a statement on their website says:

“Pressures have continued to improve overnight in our pipe system, and three-quarters of customers originally affected now have water. We’re working to restore the remaining supplies as soon as possible – we’re really sorry if you’re still without water.

“Our engineers are continuing to improve pressures across the area, and we’re using a fleet of tankers around the clock to pump in water into the pipe system.

“We apologise for these ongoing problems, and how long it’s taken to improve the situation. It’s a result of Storm Ciarán, which caused issues at Shalford Water Treatment Works.

“Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to work to get things back to normal. There are more details on what to expect as supplies return here.”

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Responses to Some Homes Still Without Water – ‘Thames Water Will Be Held to Account’ Says MP

  1. E Parry (Mrs ) Reply

    November 7, 2023 at 7:27 pm

    Stag Hill in Guildford have been having significant water supply problems since Thursday evening so this is the sixth day not the fourth.

  2. Chris Cooney Reply

    November 7, 2023 at 9:01 pm

    As at 9 pm Tuesday 7th November still no water in Ridgemount, Onslow Village. It came back briefly but disappeared again!

    The lack of communication is outrageous.

  3. Peter Mills Reply

    November 8, 2023 at 10:03 am

    I’ll try and not make this a rant. Regardless of the cause, lack of communication, etc, I want to call out Thames Water for lying. They know this did not start, as reported, on Saturday.

    On Thursday evening, I reported that I and my neighbours had no water. On Tuesday evening, the TW website stated the water was back on for all except a few named areas. GU2, where I live, was not one named. The website requested that you call if your water is not back on and you are outside of these areas. I did, got stuck in automated hell, and when I stated my postcode, it reported there was a problem.

    I do not believe this is incompetent communications, but blatantly downplaying the seriousness and extent of the problem, and I would love to see them taken to task for this.

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