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Housing Needs: Tell The Council What You Think

Published on: 27 Jan, 2014
Updated on: 27 Jan, 2014

Guildford residents are being asked to tell the borough council their views on local housing needs – but you only have until Monday, February 11.

Tell Guildford Borough Council your views about local housing needs. Aerial picture by Dan James.

Tell Guildford Borough Council your views about local housing needs. Aerial picture by Dan James.

A Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) will be published by Guildford Borough Council that will focus on the level and type of homes needed in the borough up to 2031. It will provide important up-to-date information for the new Local Plan.

The council’s  engagement will focus on four key questions:

• Should we be seeking to maximise housing delivery to meet the need for housing that has been identified?
• Should we be trying to reduce the cost of housing by boosting housebuilding?
• Should we try to deliver more affordable housing?
• What are the implications of not building enough homes?

A spokesman said” The SHMA does not set a housing target for the borough. It looks at the housing need up to 2031, but does not consider the constraints that may prevent the council meeting that need. Through the Local Plan process, we will consider the evidence base to assess the level of housing we can sustainably accommodate.”

Briefing sessions for stakeholders including parish councils, resident associations, housing providers and interest groups are being held. You can view the assessment on the council’s website, by going to its Millmead offices and at local libraries. Alternatively call into 25 Swan Lane, Guildford, to find out more.”

To view the SHMA and submit your views, visit You can also submit your comments at, by email to or in writing to Planning Policy, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB.

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Responses to Housing Needs: Tell The Council What You Think

  1. jim Allen Reply

    January 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    There’s lies – dammed lies – and statistics then there is the SHMA…. and the question is this document biased or unbiased as suggested by

    What can one make of such a document…. assumptions, assimilations, conjecture, and presumptions each with their attached little bit of inflation…

    blow a ballon up by 10% capacity per year and in 11 years it will burst.. 475 hectres of land (35 to the hectre) 160,000 cars, 160,000 additional jobs. Just what are these 160,000 people going to do for a living, where is the ‘factory office space to match, how wide will the roads need to be – where are the Bricks and tiles comming from for these homes.

    So many questions and No real honest logical answers save ’42!’

    Or rather ’40’ homes per year for Guildford Borough the number require for world population explosion iuntil 2100

    • Andre Osborne Reply

      February 5, 2014 at 8:17 pm


      I agree totally, the youngsters need affordable housing, as it stands currently they don’t stand a chance at the rate it’s going. What desires have they got when house prices are totally out of reach and have to wait for inheritance before they can move their lives forward?

      Where is the infrastructure to accommodate a population that is getting out of control?

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