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‘How Nice To Be Here’ For Armed Forces Week Flag Raising

Published on: 20 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 21 Jun, 2022

By David Rose

Guildford’s ceremonial raising of the flag for Armed Forces Week took place today (Monday, June 20) at the Guildhall in the High Street.

Flag flying from the Guildhall in High Street, Guildford to mark Armed Forces Week.

A number of people gathered to mark the event including ex-serviceman Roger Atkinson, and his wife Sheila, from Park Barn.

On the balcony of the Guildhall for the flag-raising ceremony.

Sheila, who took the photos seen here, said: “One thing amused me, as we were invited into the Guildhall before the ceremony. I was looking around and recognised quite a few people, ex-mayors and military personnel, etc.

“Then everyone went outside to watch the flag being raised and returned inside for another cup of tea.

People assembled in the High Street to watch the flag raising.

“On our return I noticed an elderly gentleman in shorts sporting a backpack in the queue for a cup of tea. When he had collected his tea and biscuits he decided to come over and talk to me as Roger was in the queue for our refreshments.

The gathering inside the Guildhall.

“The gentleman said: ‘Oh, I had no idea this ceremony was on. I was just walking past and stopped to watch. How nice to be able to come in and see the inside of the Guildhall I have never been in here before.’

“No one questioned him and he made himself quite at home!”

Roger Atkinson.

And Guildford’s town crier David Peters at the flag raising ceremony.


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