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Indie Of The Month: Lottie Loves In Castle Street

Published on: 17 Jan, 2020
Updated on: 17 Jan, 2020

By Hugh Coakley

“People need time out of their busy lives. Coming here and being pampered makes them feel fabulous,” said Lottie Paterson, owner of Lottie Loves, the bespoke beauty lounge in Castle Street. Guildford.

Lottie Paterson outside Lottie Loves, the beauty lounge in Castle Street, Guildford.

The central location of the Grade II 17th-century shop helps as well, close to The Ivy restaurant and with views of Guildford Castle and Chapel Street.

Lottie, formerly a fashion model, set up in May 2017 when she saw nowhere in Guildford at the time that “provided a good, clean standard.

“I wanted somewhere where my customers could be comfortable as well as looking out on a lovely prospect.”

Lottie giving a client her undivided attention.

And with up to 30 clients a day, it would appear that they agree with her.

Lottie comes across as a very practical and down to earth person as we talked over a coffee in her shop. “People are buying fewer things now and are spending more time on themselves and their family.

“You can’t experience what I offer here online. When someone comes to us, they tend to come back.”

She offers a wide range of beauty services from nail treatments, facials, massages, lash and brow treatments, waxing, laser hair removal and make-up.

Pleasant surroundings in Lottie Loves.

Lottie is keen that standards are high and her staff are trained in the treatments she offers. She trained at the prestigious Raworth College herself and two of her staff were away on a course in Rugby when The Guildford Dragon NEWS visited. She is aware of the importance of training after seeing some clients where treatments by others have been badly done.

“We are very bespoke. I always do a free consultation before any treatment.”

She is hoping to take on more staff and to expand in Surrey. “If I had a bigger place in Guildford, that would be lovely ” she said. “But I haven’t found anywhere yet as good as our place here in Castle Street.”

View of Guildford Castle from Lottie Loves in Castle Street.

Why the name, I asked her. “We have a lot of fun and laughs here. Clients meet each other and chat, so it’s not just a beauty lounge. That’s why I called it Lottie Loves, because it’s all the things that I love doing.”

You can contact Lottie Loves online or by telephone on 01483 511466.

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