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Interview: Young Musician And Songwriter Elena Ramona

Published on: 6 Jan, 2015
Updated on: 6 Jan, 2015

With the music industry offering so many new (and exciting acts), Elena Ramona is one of the hardest working talents around, and one of the UK’s most promising young songwriters. Interview by Sam Lidicott.

The last year has been a busy one for the Guildford-based musician. In addition to new material and exciting tour dates, the young musician recruited a host of new fans. With a new EP on the horizon (and plans afoot), I talk to Elena Ramona about the release of (her brand-new single) Lying Blue Eyes

Elena Ramona.

Elena Ramona.

Q: Lying Blue Eyes is your new single (it looks at a no-good central figure). Was there a particular inspiration for the song?

A: The inspiration for this song was relationships: sometimes they work out and sometimes we get hurt by the people we trust and love the most. The message in this song is pick yourself up when times are rough, know the heartache is never forever and carry on living life even in the hardest of times.

Q: The song itself is a sassy and brassy number. It differs in terms of sound (from your previous numbers). Does this indicate a new direction/sound for you?

A: I love experimenting with different sounds and genres. I am yet to find my sound so trying different styles is key for me right now. People have been really supportive regarding this track and the feedback has been great for me to know what direction to take with the next tracks yet to come.

Q: Who has been the biggest influence for you- either musically or personally- over the last year?

A: My mother. She has supported me through all the ups and downs I have faced last year. She is my rock and I don’t think I would be where I am without her keeping me grounded and always believing in me no matter what.

Q: Will we be seeing a new EP release?

A: Yes, there will be a new EP release in the very near-future.

Q: Knowing how hard you have worked the last few years, and how determined you are at the moment, what advice would you give any up-and-coming artists?

A: Find your sound. Your fan base and your own unique style of writing your material which will make you stand out. Enjoy it because the journey is the most fun part; you will meet many amazing people have some great experiences- and above all, do not give up when you feel stuck.

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