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Is It a Plane? No – Is It a Car? – No – Is It a Pushbike? Almost

Published on: 10 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 10 Nov, 2023

A recumbent tricycle in Market Street. “Can I park here?” Photo Fiona Giles

By Martin Giles

A “recumbent tricycle” was spotted in Market Street, Guildford, last week leaving onlookers to wonder if this was the future.

Equipped with wing mirrors and headlights, the sleek lines decrease wind resistance. Photo Fiona Giles

“Modal shift”, ie increasing the use of walking, cycling and public transport for our journeys, has for some years been seen as the answer to pollution and congestion and perhaps recumbent pedal vehicles could be part of that.

Those enclosed with bodywork can offer shelter from the elements and improved aerodynamics. But do you need to pay for parking? This is what the “rider” of this vehicle is asking the town ranger who, not being a parking attendant, was unable to advise.

And if you are wondering what kind of speeds can be achieved, according to the ICE Trikes website: “With an overall average speed of 13.45 miles per hour over the total 24 hour period. Jochem from the Netherlands achieved two world records on the ICE VTX for fastest trike rider over 100 miles in 3hrs 54 minutes and 100 km in 2hrs 24 minutes, July 2021.

If you are the owner or rider of the tricycle please write in to give more details of the vehicle and your experience, also whether you were allowed to park for free and how do you get in and out?

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