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New Approach At New Clinic – A New Osteopathy Choice in Town

Published on: 11 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 30 Oct, 2013

Kinesis 1By Maria Rayner

A unique approach to osteopathy has arrived in Guildford with the opening of the Kinesis Clinic in Milkhouse Gate, just off the High Street.

The team specialise in injury rehabilitation and prevention. They aim to get patients of all ages moving in a way that’s natural and functional.

Chief practitioner Gary Harpur

Chief practitioner Barry Harpur

Chief practitioner Barry Harpur explained: “I set up the clinic here in Guildford, near my home, as there’s no one nearby offering our techniques. Unlike general osteopaths, we look further around the area of injury to assess why a knee, for example, has become dysfunctional. Then we use everyday exercises to help rehabilitate a joint or muscle ensuring active movement in three different planes.”

These planes of movement are sagital (forward and backwards), frontal (side to side) and transverse (rotation), and are overlooked by traditional therapists who focus on the point of injury rather than the range of movement (or lack of) in the rest of the body that could be causing the damage.

The vertical couch - another obvious difference

The vertical couch – another obvious difference

Another obvious difference at Barry’s clinic is his vertical couch. In addition to the traditional bench he has a large frame where a patient can stretch out and hold on, thereby feeling more supported and able to pinpoint the exact area of pain. The osteopath can then manipulate the area from a more realistic angle than lying on the bed, warming up the muscles before the rehabilitation exercises.

Barry and fellow osteopath, Gareth Degg, both trained at the British School of Osteopathy, but have also attended the internationally acclaimed Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science in Michigan U.S.A, from where they have brought back cutting edge approaches to rehabilitation like the frame and the Graston Technique. This is an instrument-assisted soft tissue method used extensively in the States but also by Arsenal FC. Scar tissue in the muscle or around a joint is broken down with gel and a steel device to get the area moving freely.

Another treatment that Kinesis Clinic offers is medical acupunture. This differs form the Chinese approach where multiple needles are used along Chinese lines. Barry sometimes only uses one needle for 30 seconds to relax a tight muscle. This treatment is provided in accordance with NICE guidelines.

Barry has always been interested in sports and fitness, but became passionate about osteopathy when it was the only treatment that worked on a rugby neck injury. He has worked in Ireland and studied around the world but decided to open Kinesis, bringing his unique approach to Guildford, after working in London from the British School of Osteopathy.

He lives in central Guildford with his family and you might catch him at the nets, down at the cricket ground.

To arrange an initial assessment (no need for a GP referral) you can call: 01483 504314 – website:

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