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Latest Results From Castle Green Bowling Club

Published on: 8 Aug, 2014
Updated on: 7 Aug, 2014

By Colin Summerhayes

Tuesday, July 22. Men’s Senior Triples League. Castle Green played Guildford, away, and came out with a good draw at 27 shots each. The CGBC teams were:
Rob Williams (skip), Paul Plummer, Nick Hinde: 12-15 (-3)
Colin Summerhayes (skip), Jim Horwood, Norman Pilkington: 15-12 (+3)

Thursday, July 24, on a blazing hot day, CGBC played Shere, away in  a friendly triples game. CGBC won by 64 shots to 28. The CGBC teams were:
Rob Williams (skip), Paul Plummer, Nick Hinde: 26-6 (+20)
Colin Summerhayes (skip), Diane Longman, David Taylor: 20-5 (+15)
John Heyes (skip),  Peter Smith, Diana Summerhayes: 18-17 (+1)

Tuesday, July 29, Men’s Senior Triples League. CGBC played Merrow, at home and lost by 26 to 34, a difference of -8. That was not at all as bad as the drubbing we got from them on their heavy green early this season! The CGBC teams were:
Paul Plummer (skip), Colin Summerhayes, Norman Pilkington: 13-16 (-3)
Brian West (skip), Rob Helliwell, Nick Hinde: 13-18 (-5).

Brian’s team was 6 ahead at end 15, at which point we were 2 up overall. Unfortunately they then went down by two 4s and a 3! Victory was turned into defeat in the blink of an eye. Such is the game of bowls. It’s never over ’til the fat lady sings!

Saturday, August 2, CGBC played Ewhurst away in a friendly triples game. CGBC scored 60, Ewhurst 65. A close game, and enjoyed in good spirit. The CGBC teams were:
Jill Bird (skip), John Heyes, David Taylor: 14-24 (-10)
Rob Williams (skip),  Paul plummer, Margret Plummer: 18-12 (+6)
Derek Redgwell (skip), Colin Summerhayes, Ann Lewis 10-11 (-1)
Brian West (skip), Mary Redgwell, Colin Downham: 18-18 (0).

It started off rather cloudy and we had a few spits of rain, but then it brightened up and we ended in sunshine. A lovely afternoon all round, in good company.

Sunday, August 3, CGBC played Pippbrook at home. This was a friendly rinks game (2 bowls each), CGBC 51, Ewhurst 69 (-18). A close game, and enjoyed in good spirit. Lovely weather, too. A nice summer’s day on the green
Colin Summerhayes(skip), Julie Hall, Colin Downham, Bill Lane: 10-25 (-15)
Hilay Vogel (skip), Norman Pilkington, Diane Longman, Tim Sampson: 21-21 (0)
Nick Hinde (skip), Fran Webster, David Taylor,  Pauline May: 20-23 (-3).

People much prefer playing with 3 bowls rather than 2, but it’s a good discipline nevertheless.

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