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Letter: 1900s Guildford? Bring It On

Published on: 2 Sep, 2022
Updated on: 2 Sep, 2022

Joss Bigmore, Guildford Borough Council Leader

From: Jack Brown

In response to: ‘Guildford Should Not Look Like a Postcard from the 1900s’ says Council Leader

The beauty of 1900s Guildford? Bring it on.

Guildford looked and felt much more pleasant when I was growing up than it does now.

Coming in towards Guildford from the Portsmouth Road, looking up the High Street, Guildford looks like a discordant mess of concrete and somewhere I would avoid if I had the option. But there are plans to just add more monstrosities and make it look worse.

Cllr Bigmore cites Woking as an example. I and others I know now actively avoid Woking on purpose because of how it now looks and is.

I don’t want to visit a depressing, grey concrete town constantly cold and in shadow from high-rise buildings.

As already mentioned by others Croydon and Woking have gone this way so why do we all need to be the same? If you want people to come to Guildford, provide something different and they might just come.

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Responses to Letter: 1900s Guildford? Bring It On

  1. Sue Warner Reply

    September 8, 2022 at 8:11 pm

    Totally agree.

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