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Letter: A Massive Thank You to Royal Surrey and NHS

Published on: 4 Jul, 2023
Updated on: 4 Jul, 2023

The Royal Surrey County Hospital.

From Dave Middleton

A thank you to the Royal Surrey County Hospital and the NHS.

In this age where folk are quick to complain and slow to praise, may I take a little time to praise and thank all the staff who cared for me during my recent and very unexpected time as an in-patient at the Royal Surrey.

On June 13, I was at home and was taken ill. An ambulance was called and two chaps (Tony and Ashley) attended, who thoroughly checked me over and felt I needed to be taken to hospital.

I was admitted to A&E and from there to the Emergency Assessment Unit, then to Millbridge Ward, spending a total of 11 days in hospital while the doctors and nurses got the bottom of what was wrong with me and worked out a plan to get me back to my old self.

Throughout my time from admission to discharge to be further treated as an out-patient, I was struck by the genuine concern, compassion, kindness and care I received from all the staff involved in my treatment.

Nothing was too much trouble for them and I felt that every one of them, from consultants to nurses, to healthcare assistants to cleaners and caterers and tea trolley ladies were invested in my treatment and recovery.

There were far too many to name here and to my shame, I can’t remember all their names, but to all of you may I say a massive thank you.  Every one of you is a star and a credit to your profession.

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Responses to Letter: A Massive Thank You to Royal Surrey and NHS

  1. John Redpath Reply

    July 5, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    Well said Dave Middleton.

    I’ve had a few visits to the Royal Surrey at Egerton Road and one to the Medical Assessment Unit but fortunately nothing too serious. However, what a fantastic service I received that Saturday.

    In winter around the mid-seventies I had a bad motorbike accident in Ripley and was taken by ambulance to Farnham Road to be stitched up. That day there was a doctors’ strike and so I wasn’t kept in but sent home. Nevertheless, the care was exceptional and something I will never forget.

    My best NHS memory though is the maternity unit: all our five children were born with their care, the last three born at Egerton Road.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank NHS maternity staff who helped to bring five lovely children (four girls and one boy) into the world.

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