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Letter: A No-fly Zone Risks Nuclear War

Published on: 8 Mar, 2022
Updated on: 8 Mar, 2022

From: Terry Duhig

In response to: Why We Need to Support a No-fly Zone in Ukraine

The argument for a no-fly zone is a strong one and if it worked would force Putin and his gang back into Russia.

But unfortunately, no-fly zones only work if they are enforced. When you enforce a no-fly zone the forces controlling the zone, which would almost certainly be from NATO, will potentially need to shoot down Russian aircraft that do not leave the area when challenged.

This could result in direct armed confrontation with Russia and the likely end result that China would back Russia and World War 3 will start, almost certainly progressing to a nuclear war.

All we can do is keep supporting Ukraine and her people by supplying weapons to defend themselves against the bully Putin and provide food, clothing and a safe haven.

Hopefully, there will remain a doorway for this until such time as the sanctions start to affect the Kremlin. Unfortunately, Putin and his gang still have plenty of money and the sanctions are only hurting the people of Russia, many of whom do not want this war, as proven by the numbers being arrested and imprisoned every day for demonstrating.

As Dr Shaw has stated, please email your MP with your thoughts regarding this war and other things.

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Responses to Letter: A No-fly Zone Risks Nuclear War

  1. Alan Morris Reply

    March 14, 2022 at 9:53 pm

    I do find myself reflecting on the thought that had nuclear weapons existed in 1939 when Germany and The Soviet Union invaded Poland what would have happened? Would we have applied the equivalent of economic sanctions?

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