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Letter: A Prime Example of a Lack of Respect for the Views of Others

Published on: 25 May, 2023
Updated on: 25 May, 2023

Cllr George Potter and PCC Lisa Townsend

From: Pat Gallagher

In response to: Councillor ‘Not Acting in Official Capacity’ When He Called Police Commissioner a ‘Dishonest, Transphobic Bigot’

What a sad, convoluted world social media has created. A world where accusations and counter-accusations are based primarily on opinion, not hard fact, and can be tossed across the electronic ether with seeming impunity. Opinions, which if dared to be expressed in such a manner in a face-to-face scenario, have been seen, under more heated circumstances, to lead to violence.

The spat between Cllr Potter and PCC Townsend is a prime example of the lack of respect shown for another’s view, and so frequently exhibited on social media.

It is even more depressing to discover that there is a belief that voicing an opinion in such derogatory terms is acceptable, because it was done “privately”. The inference is that to be “officially” acceptable it would have been done in a more cultured and respectful manner, if it did indeed represent the view of the organisation.

Are we really able to believe that one can dissociate so distinctly between a private and a public persona? If there is such a thing as honesty and integrity in public life, then surely it is better to remain silent, unless one is able to express views in terms that better represent the aura that the organisation being represented would wish to generate.

Good luck to Cllr Potter in rapidly improving GBC’s Planning performance. If it comes to pass that matters are taken out of his hands by the Planning Inspectorate, it will certainly reduce his workload (not forgetting his role as Surrey county councillor as well).

I look forward to seeing his social media posts about who has been at fault for the poor performance of planning in Guildford over the last four years!

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