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Letter: An Incredible Waste of Time, Energy and Money 

Published on: 18 Feb, 2021
Updated on: 18 Feb, 2021

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From: Pat Scott

Recently I and several friends received a ‘postcard’ from Guildford Borough Council, signed by Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council.

This postcard was headed Coronavirus National Lockdown (in yellow print) and Stay at Home. It began ‘Dear Resident’ and went on to offer various pieces of information.  

The timing was rather odd. I wasn’t sure whether it had been delayed in the Royal Mail postal system for one year, or perhaps only four months.    

But my main reason for writing is to voice concern at the actual cost of this ridiculous project.  

In bold type the card advised that Surrey Heartlands CCG had much information among its FAQs and including when I would be contacted for vaccination.  As I reside in Ash and we are in Surrey Heath CCG, the information on this card is incorrect and of no use to anyone in Ash.   

When points were taken up with GBC by two of our local borough councillors, both of whose households had received this communication, a very long and ‘wordy’ reply was received informing that “this communication had been printed by the GBC Print Room and had been printed in black and white to reduce costs”!  This is incorrect. Whilst the ones received were mainly in black and white they also contained yellow headers and the turquoise GBC logo!  

I was also advised that “the cost for this exercise was from SCC under the heading Outbreak Management fund provided to them from central government” and also “the funding has to be ideally spent by 31 March, I think.”!  Isn’t the latter point actually and physically known?  

Why was this whole exercise not carried out either one year ago (when the first lockdown happened) or perhaps in end of October when the second lockdown happened, or maybe (in Ash) in the third week of December?  

As a very concerned resident, I am very alarmed at the total loss of time, energy and, most of all, the cost of this ridiculous project by GBC. 

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