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Letter: Ash Prescriptions Can Be Obtained Via ‘The Cloud’

Published on: 8 Aug, 2022
Updated on: 8 Aug, 2022

From: Pat Scott

Independent Ash parish councillor for Ash Wharf

In response to your report No to a Second Ash Pharmacy – Despite Long Queues at Lloyds about the problems at Lloyds Pharmacy in Ash Vale, I should like to offer some information that may help customers.   

Bartlett Group Practice is aware of the matter and has been trying to find a solution to the staff issues and closures at Lloyds. Boots at Frimley Green is suffering from similar problems.  

To try and ease the problems, electronic prescriptions are now going to be sent to “the Cloud”. This means that if you choose not to use Lloyds, you can go to any other pharmacy, anywhere, and give your NHS number. The pharmacy you choose can then pull down your electronic prescription and provide it, providing it has stock.

If any patients are on six-monthly repeat prescriptions, they will continue to have to go to their nominated pharmacy as they will already have part-issued prescriptions. All new requests will go to the Cloud.

Hopefully, this will stop people having to wait for a long time outside Lloyds and Boots in Frimley Green. Of course, if patients want to use Lloyds, they can still do this as Lloyds will also be able to draw the prescription down from the Cloud and prepare it.

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