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Letter: Beware of Politicians Taking Your Vote for Granted

Published on: 6 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 10 Oct, 2023

From: Brian Creese

former chair of Guildford Labour

Voters are certainly deserting the Conservatives in record numbers, and with good reason. But it is incredibly arrogant of the Liberal Democrats to claim victory when we may still be a year or more off a general election.

The Liberal Democrats seem to assume they will gain all these votes – but you should beware of politicians who take your vote for granted.

What is certain is that the Liberal Democrats will not be winning a general election on the back of their current 15 seats – only the Labour Party can do that with their record lead in the polls suggesting they can add to their 196 MPs. A Labour MP in Guildford would put our constituency at the heart of a new Labour government.

To those thinking of tactical voting – don’t do it. Vote for something, not just against something. Vote for policies and send principled politicians to the house, not electoral wheeler-dealers. If you don’t know what they stand for, don’t vote for them!

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